Natural Casing Co. carries a broad range of natural specialty casings for “Old World” artisan sausage production. Working closely with our suppliers to ensure that we select casings of only the finest quality, we tailor our products to meet your specifications for composition, length, and diameter, to ensure that you get the best possible results for your cured, cooked, or smoked products.

Sewn Fabric Lined Hog Bungs

Developed in the 1960s by Stephen Dirtzu Sr. as an alternative to traditional Sewn Hog Bungs, Sewn Fabric Line Hog Bungs are Natural Casing Co.’s specialty. They are used in the manufacture of larger-diameter, delicatessen-quality, “Old World” style specialty sausages such as Liverwurst or Braunschweiger. While most natural sausage casings are considered edible, Sewn Sausage Casings are considered inedible food containers. Made with hog bungs and a spunbonded polypropylene liner, they differ significantly from other natural casings in that they are manufactured articles with both natural and artificial components. We are the only US distributor of Sewn Fabric Lined Hog Bungs. We also supply traditional Sewn Hog Bungs made with hog bungs and hogbung afterend material as a liner. Typical diameters for Sewn Hog Bungs and Sewn Fabric Lined Hog Bungs are 3 ¼”, 3 ½”, or 3 ¾ “; lengths are 24″ or 32”.

This casing is commonly used for:



Sewn Beef Middles & Sewn Hog Afterends

Fra'mani Salame Nostrano. © 2006-2013 Fra'mani Handcrafted Foods. Image used with permission.Sewn Beef Middles and Sewn Hog Afterends are specialty casings used primarily for semi-dry or dry (cured) sausages, and occasionally for cooked products. The composition of the casing is tailored to the sausage-maker’s processing and/or drying conditions, to help the finished product achieve the desired qualities in appearance and taste. The dimensions of the casings are also are produced to customer specifications, with diameters ranging from 2 ¾ ” to 5″, and lengths from 15″ to 32″.
Handcrafted Salami in natural casings.

These casings are commonly used for:


as well as for Thuringer, Mortadella, and other semi-dry or cooked products.

Other Specialty Casings

Specialty Beef Casings

A array of artisan sausages made in natural casings.We carry a full line of Beef Casings (Beef Bung Caps, Beef Rounds, Beef Middles) used for a variety of cooked and/or cured sausages. Natural Casing Company supplies only the highest quality, fat-free Brazilian Beef Casings. We work very closely with our Brazilian supplier to meet our customers’ expectations for quality and price.

These casings are commonly used for:

Summer Sausage

and a variety of other cooked and cured sausages.

Cut & Tied Casings

Artisan Capicola, Salami, and Summer Sausage in natural casings.We cut & tie Beef Rounds, Beef Middles, Hog Bungs, Hogbung Afterends, and Hog Middles to customer specifications for small-diameter cooked or cured sausages. All our cut & tied casings are hand-tied by experienced workers under our supervision to insure that the casings meet our customers’ expectations.

These casings are commonly used for:

Ring Liver
Summer Sausage

as well as for small-diameter cooked products or a variety of cured salami products.

Other Specialty Casings

Natural Casing Company selects Hog Bungs and Hogbung Afterends, and carries Hog Stomachs and Hog Middle Caps used for liver sausage or salami. We also supply hog and sheep casings used in the manufacture of sausages such as bratwurst and wieners to local and regional processors.